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You SICK people…


Hey CollegeTimes,

I was out on the session one night in the Odeon, it was there I bumped into an outrageously attractive girl. Let’s just call her “Anna”. So, I got chatting with Anna and we really hit it off, I don’t know what was so intriguing about her but whatever it was, I was going crazy. I just wanted her.

As the night progressed she proceeded to produce a series of narcotics that I’m not sure I can name on your site! Naturally after this the night doubled in awesomeness and it wasn't long before we were all over each other. Whatever I’d taken had made me horny, very horny! In the taxi back to mine we were tearing at each other’s clothes, dying to get home to get into each other’s pants.

Finally we pulled up and stumbled out of the taxi slamming into every wall and door on the way to my bedroom. We eventually got there. This is where we hit a little road block, from all my drugs that night I was now incapable of maintaining an erection, what an absolute disaster! I was so horny and could do nothing about it. She was confident in her ability to reverse the situation and so set about giving me head, although I was sure she would fail miserably. Much to my delight and surprise I got hard!

I took off her pants and we started going for it. We had the most amazing sex ever, tongues and fingers everywhere it was mind blowing. I realised soon into the session that she was a squirter, a real full on two meter shooter, in my state, nothing could have been more attractive, we both climaxed, over and over again, we were literally unstoppable. After what seemed like hours of the best sex I'd ever had, we fell asleep. 


The next morning I woke up in a horror film. The combination of the hangover and what I was seeing was terrifying. I was scared, shaking, I couldn't figure out what had happened, it felt like I was in a nightmare.

Red splattered all over my walls, the ceiling, splashed all over my sheets, my hands, my body, my face everything was covered in blood… I started to panic, I woke her up and she started to freak out too. What the fuck was going on, she was covered in blood, I’d just woken up to a scene from apocalypse now! She ran into the bathroom, only to return with a sheepish stance and a shy voice ..

“I’m eh, on my period”

Initially I was relieved, however the eventual realisation that I was covered head to toe in blood and love juice was not so awesome. It was at that moment my phone rang, it was my girlfriend, “Hey! Popping over in 5 minutes” she said.

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