The Chinese internet has been abuzz over a new kind of women’s silk tights that are covered in fake leg hair that are being marketed as a way to ‘repel perverts’.

Though not yet widely available for sale, photos and comments about the tights are flooding social networking sites such as Sina Weibo (the Chinese Facebook) and online retailers are already banking on the viral attention.

The Girls in the office obviously think the idea is great and are more then curious to see what having overly hairy legs is like (although  I'd imagine some of them already know) , but we urge you, don't be so hasty to go out and buy these ghastly creations! Think of all the attractive men you could also be repelling. By wearing these, not only will you look like the weird people you are trying to repel but you may also be harming your chances at a real handsome man coming up and talking to you.

So just be warned, these leggings might not be as brilliant as you first thought...


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