We have to say the talent in this year's student campaign videos are through the roof. We have been wetting ourselves at the imaginative and genius videos created for students running for Student Union positions.

Keeping with the trend, we wanted to give a special shout out to two of the candidates running for Welfare and Equality officer in DCU. Padraig Henry is up first with his ingenious Angelus-style video. Podge, as he's known amongst his friends told us,

'I was just in bed and thought of the Angelus. The idea is to portray the spirit of student life like the library, the Nubar, sports and even the sex scene. I just had many friends who were happy to take part in the video and all clothes were on even in the bed scene we just filmed it at an angle that it looked more real.'

We see students stopping what they're doing and reflecting at times when they're, ahem, otherwise occupied. Take a gander at the gas video below. He also has a video outlining his manifesto which you can see here.

Second up is Jason, who's campaign video takes inspiration from Forrest Gump. Jason told us,

'I've been thinking of running for the last few years for the role of welfare and equality. I knew I wanted to go in my final year so I have been planning my campaign for a while now. I knew the other candidates would be basing their ideas on current internent sensations, so I decided to go old school with a classic and mimic the Forest Gump trailer.'


His entire video is hilarious and features students jumping out of bins, Jason running to the Welfare office with the classic Forrest Gump theme music and offering condoms to fellow students. We truly love this creative video and laughed the entire way through.

Voting for DCU students starts tomorrow, so get going!


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