9 Brilliant Halloween Costumes That No One Else Will Think Of

9 Brilliant Halloween Costumes That No One Else Will Think Of

Doubtless this Halloween we'll be inundated with hundreds of Harley Quinns, low effort zombies, cats in black dresses, and Heath Ledger Jokers (The Dark Knight came out 2008, yet we still have to face stringy haired clowns asking us why we're so serious).

As a public service we have decided to provide you with more original costume ideas.

Β 7. Eleven

This El' costume, from 80s nostalgia-fest Stranger Things could only be improved with the addition of a nosebleed and eggo waffle.

2. Gold Digger


Extra points for this one if you turn up with someone covered with Siucra packets to be your Sugar Daddy.


3. Carrie

Why not be a visual metaphor for traumatic puberty?


4. An old/young woman

Remind everyone of how fleeting Β their youth is, and how entropy is implacable and ever encroaching. Fun for parties.

5. A Pokemon

Pokemon Go brought up a wellspring of Japanese monster fighting nostalgia, any of the original 150 pocket monsters would make for a great costume. Our favourite is this Freudian nightmare of a costume, extra points for the pokeball codpiece.


6. Ceiling Fan

Only wear a pun costume if you're going somewhere where there'll be a lot of people, puns are a one shot deal, and the more people around to get it the better the reception you'll get.


7. Repeal The Ape


Go apeshit for women's bodily autonomy.

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8. French KISS

Mainly cultured Parisen but with a little tongue a la Gene Simmons.


9. Bunny Girls Emoji

According to Emojipedia (the finestΒ source ofΒ emoji-based trivia) the bunny girls emoji means lets go dancing. Make people check their emoji keyboard to show that you're not just a playboy bunny.


10. Green With Envy

The cons of this costume is that should you become separated you're nothing. A pro is that this costume can also double as the crippling co-dependence between you and your partner.


Kyle Mulholland

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