I think we can all agree that Lidl is a mecca for the Irish. We shop there, we go there early to line up for specials, and we praise it. But there's one thing we can't agree on: how to pronounce the feckin' shop name.

There's a debate going on on Reddit Ireland about how to pronounce Lidl. Is it Lidl, Lidl's, Lie-dl or Lie-dl's?

According to Reddit, the jury is still out. This writer says "Leedle" but others in the College Times office say "Liddle". Apparently the Lidl ads say "Leedle" however that doesn't stop some eejits saying "Leedles" or "Liddles" or even the repulsive "Lie-dles".


It's not hard, people. But we're interested to see what you think...