The Top 5 Graduate Destinations For Having Fun And Making Money

The Top 5 Graduate Destinations For Having Fun And Making Money

So, you're about to finish your degree and you still don’t have a clue what you want to do? Yeah, join the club.  You have a vague notion that you want to travel. We all do. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you're aware, travelling is very expensive. My general rule of thumb is to make out a very realistic budget and then add another 50% onto it. However, don't despair, for there is always an answer. It may seem like a daunting prospect, but I assure you emigrating will be the best decision of your life. It doesn't have to be a permanent thing. If things go pear- shaped, you can always return home. I personally cannot comprehend why anyone wouldn't want to live abroad, if only for a while at least. Here are the College Times top 5 graduate destinations for earning cash:

1) Canada

#Vancouver, Canada (the city scores an overall rating of 97.3 out of 100)

Pros: The Canadian economy suffered relatively little during the recession and there is an abundance of jobs there. Its proximity to the U.S also makes it highly appealing for graduates. There is money to be made here.

Cons: The Canadian sense of humor is very bland compared to that of the Irish. Also, it can get really, really cold.

2) USA

New York with Janne Thanksgivingweekend in 2013! Spectacular city that I have to come back to soon.... Cathrine


Many a noble man has landed on the shores of this great nation with aspirations of financial prosperity. There is no better place to be than America if money is the name of your game.

Pros: There is serious money to be made. Work is relatively easy to find.  A good personality and a nice smile can get you further than a good degree. The women are outrageous. The majority of people are very friendly and helpful. You can have year round sunshine if you want. You can only avail of your graduate visa for a year post-college, you'd be crazy not to use it.

Cons: The cost of living is very high and the cities can be overwhelming at times. In this instance, the pros far outweigh the cons.

3) New Zealand

Hobbit Houses in New Zealand | The Ultimate Photos get more only on

New Zealand is by all accounts a monumental trek. But, there is money to be made, especially in fields such as physiotherapy. New Zealanders tend to be very active so any anatomically based professions tend to clean up here.


Pros: The economy is strong. New Zealand’s economy emerged from the global recession relatively unscathed. There are an abundance of jobs, especially for those willing to do good old manual labour. You can go and visit Hobbiton.

Cons: The weather isn't the best and the culture difference can come across as rudeness, but you’ll get over it.

4) Australia

Sydney Opera House - on your Australia bucket list?

A good friend of mine has made a fucking killing working in the mines. “Not for the faint hearted” apparently but he has made a sick amount of money. The service sector dominated economy makes it an ideal location for any commerce related graduates.

Pros: The weather, job availability and money make Australia very attractive indeed.


Cons: There is a massive existing Irish contingent who, over the years, have tarnished the Irish’ reputation. It is very expensive to live. The people can come across as rude.

5) Japan

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Pros: It’s completely different to home. Japan’s economy is strong and jobs are plentiful. If you can hack the culture shock, you should seriously consider moving there.

Cons: The language barrier is huge. The cultural differences are also quite intimidating. Little things that you take for granted such as food etc are all extremely different.

Hopefully that helps a little. If in doubt, you should book a flight and leave. Realistically everything will work out!

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