What Goes On Inside Every Boyfriend's Head

What Goes On Inside Every Boyfriend's Head

Ladies, ever wonder what's going on inside your man's head? The male mind is a mysterious and something profound object. Men are generally considered very hard to read by women which is why girls are always so interested in asking "what's on your mind?" Well fear no more, here are the exact thoughts that run through your boyfriend's mind!

9. It's perfectly normal for him to have nothing on his mind.

Girl: "What are you thinking about?"

Guy: "Nothing."

Girl: "What do you mean nothing?"

Girls are thoughtful and intelligent creatures and always have something on their mind, however guys are totally different. We are the self-proclaimed masters of the art of Zen. We have an off switch and when we use it, everything completely shuts down. Girls struggle to understand this and sometimes think that we are lying - we're not. Think of Homer Simpson with the monkey clapping two hi-hats together while doing back-flips.

Homer Empty Mind


8. Looks are not enough to keep him interested in you.

We aren't as shallow as women think. Looks don't last forever - It may be cliché but it's true. Although we might have sex with a girl for her looks, that alone will never make us look at that girl as relationship-worthy. There has to be more in the pot.


7. He is just as emotionally need as you.

Men, like women, crave attention and like to get affection from you. If they don't they'll also feel hurt and unappreciated. The only difference is he'll bottle that shit up and you won't. Women are far more forward and outspoken about their feelings than men, naturally.



6. He can't help checking out other girls.

It's not that he's being disrespectful to you, it's just deeply embedded in his genes! If a hot girl walks by and he's with you, his mind will say one thing but his genitals will say another. It's a push-pull system, and the latter wins this mental battle 9/10 times. We're sorry!

Checking Out

5. He is just as insecure about rejection as you.

Men are very self-conscious about how the opposite sex perceives them, and fear rejection like the nothing else. That's probably why he took so long to ask you out in the first place, even after all them in-your-face signs you were using.



4. Men aren't afraid of commitment - it's the associations with it.

The word "commitment" is enough to send some men running for the hills. As a young man, we are terrified of being stuck with the one person - it frightens us! But it's the ASSOCIATIONS of the commitment which scare us, like not having our freedom, not being able to experience the fun of dating or meeting new girls, and of course the fear of not being able to do what we want.


3. His self-esteem is wrapped up by his ability in bed.

When men don't perform well in bed or feel sexually rejected, they feel emasculated. We think about sex on a minute by minute basis, and if we don't perform well or think we're bad at it, it will seriously effect our confidence and self-esteem levels.



2. Routines will bore him endlessly.

Naturally, routines grow tiresome and boring and if done long enough, will only serve to make him less interested in you. Spice things up in AND outside the bedroom. We LOVE trying new things and stepping out of our comfort zone. If you're struggling to find something new, try getting involved in a sport or activity that your boyfriend likes, and see what his reaction will be.


1. He is utterly terrible at "game-playing".

We have the potential be intellectual, academic and technical wizards, but when it comes to a woman's mind -NONE of us know what's going on inside there. You think OUR minds are hard to grasp, walk a mile in our shoes and you'll understand the daily struggles of men.  We really appreciate girls who don't play games and are straight shooters.


Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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