Bad News For People Who Keep Their Pubic Hair Tidy

Bad News For People Who Keep Their Pubic Hair Tidy

Good news for people who sport a voluminous crotch garden; you're less at risk from sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) than those who shave, wax, or trim according to a recently published study.

The study, published in BMJ Journal, found of the 7,500+ people surveyed, those who took a scorched earth policy to their bush had an 80% higher STI risk than people who let their groins go a bit 'Heart Of Darkness'.

It also found that 74% of respondents groomed their pubic hair in some way - 66% of men and 84% of women.

The study divided the participants into 3 groups: Extreme groomers, who completely shaved off all of their pubic hair more than 11 times a year, high-frequency groomers who trimmed daily or weekly, low-frequency groomers, and non-groomers.

So far, this seems to be more of a case of correlation rather than causation and they cannot seem to conclude that one leads to the other. The authors speculate that shaving or grooming may cause "micro tears' in the skin, making it easier for viruses to get into the human body. Sharing razors could also be dangerous as it could transmit blood-borne diseases.


On the other hand; those with massive muffs reported a higher rate of pubic lice.

The main methods used were razors, scissors, and wax; women specialising in safety razors and men using electric. The average age of groomers were younger and reported a higher number of sexual partners with more frequent weekly sex.

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Kyle Mulholland

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