Talk Dirty To Me: Reasons To Get More Vocal In The Bedroom

Talk Dirty To Me: Reasons To Get More Vocal In The Bedroom

Dirty talk can be embarrassing, awkward and a hell of a lot of fun. It's not going to be everyone's go-to activity in the bedroom, but opening up to your partner about what feels good and what you want to do/ have done to you, can only improve your sex-perience. Don't believe me? Here are some reasons that you should at least consider talking dirty to your partner tonight;

1) You'll find Out Where Your Line Is

Not everyone is going to be comfortable with the same lines. For example, a guy could get totally freaked out by you wanting to call him Daddy and a girl might not get turned on by you getting too explicitly graphic. Start out with just softly explaining what you are enjoying, perhaps by whispering it into their ear, with your lips just grazing their ear lobe and if you're both into it start getting more descriptive.

2) Everyone Knows Where Everyone Stands/ Lies/ Sits/ Squats...

Your partner can't read your mind so don't expect them to be able to. How can they know what you like unless you tell them? When you start telling them what's working and what's not, especially in relation to oral sex, you both benefit. Once you know what you like and how you like it, the dirty talk can just flow from there.

3) Fantastic Foreplay

It's no secret that women need foreplay to get properly aroused, so it shouldn't be avoided in the bedroom. It can take a lot more to get a woman aroused and orgasm, so a little extra something can't hurt. A sext here or a dirty phone call there can make sure that your woman has you on their mind for the day and as soon as you meet later, she'll be dying for you to do all the things you were talking about...

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4) It Gets All Your Juices Flowing

You could start off solely by telling your partner that you're about to come, then next time about how everything feels, then everything that you want to do. Once you've perfected your form of dirty talk you could start moving on to fulfilling sexual fantasies and scenarios. Your creative juices won't be the only ones flowing...

5) Spice Things Up

Sometimes long-term relationships can get a bit stale and dirty talk can be a fun way to spice things up and surprise your partner, as long as they are into it. Even long-distance relationships can benefit from a sexy phone call late at night while you're thinking about each other. It can help to reaffirm your attraction to each other and get your sex life out of a rut.

6) It'll Improve Performance

Sex shouldn't be a riddle. Like I said before, your partner can't read your mind. If you’re talking honestly, openly, and graphically about what you want and like and are enjoying, how can it not lead to better sex? With communication there are no secrets, and neither you nor your partner is forced to try to decipher the meaning behind every moan or facial expression.

7) It's Fun (And Hilarious)

People often see sex as a serious activity. Yes, it can be a big step in relationships, but it's also a whole lot of fun and can be hilarious. I reckon if people quit putting it on such a pedestal we'd all have more fun and satisfying times in the bedroom. Maybe you could start off talking dirty as a joke, not taking it too seriously, only to find that it really works for you. So loosen up and experiment, if could be the best thing you ever rdo in the bedroom...

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