Making Lifelong Friends: 13 Reasons Why Going To College Is The Best Life Experience You Can Have

Going to college is a privilege for any modern student. Whether you're studying at the tender age of 17 or attending as a mature student, the effect that college can have on you as a person is unmatched, and incomparable with any other life experience. Going to college is the best life experience that you can have, and here's why.

1. You make lifelong friends.

The friends that you meet in college are the friends that you'll hang onto for life. Majorly, you'll share a lot of the same interests since you have chosen the same career path, and will see each other on a daily basis from your late teens and into your early 20s - this is the period in your life where you do the most growing up.

2. You discover more about yourself.

College is the arena where students really come into their own. The world is your oyster, and there's not a door which is closed for you. You'll take up new hobbies or activities, get involved in college events and hang out with your new friends. It's a supremely fun and positive learning experience.

3. Taking the final step into adulthood.

In your college years, adulthood awaits, but that doesn't mean you have to act "mature" now. You've got some of your wildest years ahead of you, and as long as you learn the perfect balance between working and partying, you'll be absolutely fine!

4. You get to enjoy those glorious few years between finishing school and starting a full-time job.

It's like being trapped in a beautiful time warp, which enables you to resist transgressing into full adulthood! Yes, your age intimates that you are officially an adult, but your actions by no means reinforce it! My advice: soak up as much of this beautiful limbo as you can.

5. You find out who's really important to you, and who's not.

You'll find that once you get to college, you'll automatically begin to weed out those friends who don't contribute anything to your life, or only impact you in a negative way. These people aren't good for you, but you won't realise this or feel ready to let them go until you grow up a little more and see what else is out there.

6. You start to really explore the dating world.

Perhaps one of the best traits of going to college. Some people find dating to be a chore, often overlooking the fun and adventure involved in chasing someone you have a crush on, and finding out what they're all about. College is the place where you'll seriously delve into the dating world and get to know yourself and others more in a more romantic setting. Seriously, just don't be in a committed relationship all through college - you're missing out!

7. For the first time, you study something that you have a specific interest in (mostly!).

This applies to most of us! But unfortunately, there are some of us who are battling through a Bachelors degree with no idea why we are still here, and no idea what we will be doing if we ever do get over the finish line! But for the rest of us, we have a genuine interest in what we are studying and are looking hopefully into the future as a potential job prospect awaits.

8. College parties are the best parties.

College parties are known for their outrageous drinking, hot girl and guys, and sex-inducing aphrodisiacs which just seem to be whizzing through the air.

9. You expand your network of friends extensively.

College is an infinite pool of students of all ages, cultures and backgrounds coming and going. You have the opportunity to expand your network of friends and acquaintances and grow yourself as a result.

10. It's the last time that you have entire summers off!

Enjoy having summers off while you can, because you will never take them for granted again! Mid-terms, random days off, going in and out whenever you please and an entire 3 months off in the summer. These things are taken for granted by us college students, but once you enter the workforce you can kiss them goodbye!

11. The opportunity to travel is waiting for you to take it.

Travel never grabs a hold of your cahones more than it does in college. It's like travel and college go hand in hand, or balls in hand if we stick to my earlier reference. There are a wide variety of travel options which cater predominantly to students, like the J1 Visa or reduced inter-railing ticket rates across Europe.

12. You build your self-confidence.

You really come into your own during your college years - you'll meet new people, hone your skills, improve your thinking and creativity AND of course, your social skills! Naturally, your self-confidence will get a boost as a knock-on effect!

13. Become more independent.

No more relying on teachers or classmates chasing you for work, and pressurising you for things. It's all on you - it's a blessing in disguise, trust me. Once you actually learn to knuckle down on your own, you'll become a more independent and well-rounded individual.

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