13 Reasons 'Lord Disick' Is A Lord

13 Reasons 'Lord Disick' Is A Lord

Lord Disick, AKA Scott Disick of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' fame is on his way to Ireland. His shaky relationship with Kardashian sister Kourtney has been well documented on the E! television show for the past 8 seasons.

The self proclaimed Lord will be hosting the celebrations at Time Bar + Venue nightclub in Naas to officially launch two of their new monthly nights Our Night and Skin Deep. General admission and VIP tickets are available here 

The Lord is well known for his outlandish and downright vain behaviour, so we decided to put them all in one post for you, we're excited to see him in the flesh!

He Calls Himself The 'Lord'

the lord is here

He's Pretty Arrogant


disick hang out


Some Would Even Call Him An Ego Maniac

disick big star


Yep, Definitely An Ego Maniac


scott big deal


He Has Sweet Moves...

sweet moves


A Sweet Dress Sense


scott kanye


And An Even Sweeter Cane

scott cane



He Fits In Well With The Family

man hug

scott kim

But Sometimes They Can Get In The Way...

scott disick penis




disick kissing

All Hail The Lord!

lord disick


lord disick bitch





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