We Found Alive-O's Youtube Channel And Are Now In A Nostalgia Coma

We Found Alive-O's Youtube Channel And Are Now In A Nostalgia Coma

Anyone that was in the Irish public school system between the years of 1990 and 2000 will probably remember Alive-O. Alive-O was on the primary school religion syllabus and it taught us about Christianity and how to prepare for our Communion and Confirmation.

Whether you're now a godless Atheist or a bible bashing Catholic these songs are bound to get you reminiscing about your primary school days.

We'll start off with the Alive-O intro, probably the most iconic piece of music from your childhood. I defy you to find a tune that signifies a 90s childhood like the Alive-O intro. A serious call to action: A-L-I-V-E-O, ALIVE-O!

Throw on Alleluia next time the party is dying a death. There'll be lads bouncing off the walls in no time.

Check out 'Connected' from the Alive-O 4 OST. Those synths, those endlessly repitive lyrics. Way ahead of it's time.


This is the day. Dunno if they mean Communion or Confirmation. Tune.

Ahh... the Lost Sheep, one of the greatest sheep related ballads of all time. Listen if only for the pearl of a line 'ba ba baa, I've lost my ma-ma maa maa. Brought a tear to the eye of this jaded, world weary journo.

There are 38 songs in total on the Youtube channel, so if you're at a loose end this evening there's worse ways you could spend time than reliving one of the naffer periods of your childhood.


The covers of the Alive-O books also bring back a lot of memories. Take a look at this heap of Christians in a big conga line and be transported back to fourth class:

Here is another conga themed cover:

Here is the image used for the Alive-O 3 book. Here we can see Christians desperately searching for more Christians with which to perform a conga line with:

Here is the cover of Alive-O 8, where a bunch of Christians are clearly in a post conga line state of euphoria.

Boy did those Alive-O guys like doing the conga.

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