The 15 'Fuck It' Moments We All Have Over Christmas

The 15 'Fuck It' Moments We All Have Over Christmas

Christmas is a magical time to spend with family.

Or it's a great time to eat your body weight in food and drink yourself into a coma and have multiple fuck it moments. Christmas in Ireland is based around food and extravagance. It's a time where we all take out overdrafts and throw away money like a rapper in a music video.

There's no doubt that over the festive season the expression, 'fuck it', becomes all too prevalent. Whether it's taking that extra biscuit or doing 12 pubs twice in one week, here are the ultimate fuck-it moments we all have over Christmas.

1. Ordering another shot



2. Eating seconds because it's Christmas

Pretty self-explanatory.

3. Having extra gravy on everything

Fuck it.

4. Eating an entire selection box...


It's Christmas...

5. Doing 12 pubs twice in one week

It's only on once a year!

6. Making the conscious decision to spend the entire day napping


11am nap, 3pm nap, 7pm nap.

7. 'Yeah, go on give us another three biscuits'

The bourbons always go first.

8. Watching Home Alone for the 78th time


'Keep the change ya filthy animal.'

9. Buying a full pyjama set

Complete with fluffy socks and a robe.

10. Buying seven types of cheese to complete your cheese board


Smoked Gouda, Camembert, Brie...

11. Doing you entire shop in M & S

Because you're glam and don't need to explain yourself.

12. Drinking every night for two weeks straight


Sure, it's Christmas?

13. Eating ludicrous foods like melon, crab and créme brulée

If not at Christmas, when?

14. Putting a video of a fire on TV when no one's in the room


You can actually get this on Netflix – class.

15. Finally...getting pissed with your family

Because how else are you supposed to stand them for an entire day.


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Ciara Finnegan

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