5 Drinking Games Every Student Needs To Know About

5 Drinking Games Every Student Needs To Know About

Considering colleges are back and Freshers' Week is in full swing in many campuses, we thought it'd fitting to compile some of the best drinking games out there. (Trialled and tested!) Get yourself a few cans and let's get shitfaced!

  1. Kings

    Ah, a classic in the drinking game world! What you need for this game is, a deck of cards, 3+ players, a pint glass or pitcher of some sort and a lot of booze. Put the pint glass in the middle and spread the deck of cards around the glass face down. Each player chooses a card when it is their turn but every card has a different rule. Something to keep in mind when playing Kings is that a lot of people have different rules assigned to their cards. This is just one example.

    Ace - Waterfall, everyone must keep drinking until the player who drew the card has stopped drinking. Beware, it could go on for awhile!

    2, F*** You - The player who drew the card gets to choose 1 player to take a drink

    3, F*** Me - The player must drink themselves

    4, Touch the floor - The last person to place a hand on the floor has to drink

    5, All  the guys - Pretty self explanatory rule

    6, Chicks - ^^^ See above

    7, Heaven - The last player to put their hands in the air has to drink

    8, Pick a mate - Choose someone who has to now drink every time you drink

    9, Bust a rhyme - Pick a word and then go around the group, the last person to rhyme with the word said has to take a drink

    10, Categories - Choose a category and go around the group, the first person who can't think of something regarding that specific category has to drink

    Jack, Get Back - The direction of the game flow reverses

    Queen, Quiz Master - The player who draws this card can hold onto it until the next queen is drawn. If someone answers a question the quiz master asks they must drink, but if they respond with F*** you quiz master, the quiz master has to drink

    King - When a king card is drawn, the player must put some of their drink into the cup in the middle, however the person to draw the last king card must drink the contents of the cup!

  2. 21

    This game is basically a memory game. All you need is some alcohol and a group of 3 or more players. Go around the group and count to 21. The player who lands on 21 makes a new rule for a number. Eg, instead of saying the number 3, the player who lands on 3 has to make an animal noise and so on. When a player messes up they are required to drink and the game starts again. When starting the game the numbers 7 & 11 are always switched.(1 2 3 4 5 6 11 8 9 10 7) The game might sound easy, but after a few drinks it gets a lot more difficult!

  3. Never Have I Ever

    This game is probably one of the easiest drinking games out there but it can be great once you get stuck into it! Go around the room and each player has to say a statement beginning with 'Never Have I Ever'. Anyone who at some point in their lives has done that specific action that the first player says, must drink!

  4. Heads Up

    We have Ellen DeGeneres to thank for this game. It is an app that's available on iPhone and Android and it is basically like charades. Ellen released the app in 2013 and withing the first month there were over  650,000 downloads. It's a fun game without alcohol but it is definitely more fun with! The app is 99c and you can get it here. (Or get a free alternative here, sorry Ellen!)

  5. Picolo

    Picolo is an actual drinking game app, yes you read that right, a drinking game app! Just enter the names of your friends into it and let picolo do the rest! Just follow the games and rules that it gives you and be sure to have a great laugh. It's easy, fun and all you need is a group of people and some lovely cans! You can get the app here, you're welcome!

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