7 Things That You Will Never Forget About Your Holy Communion

7 Things That You Will Never Forget About Your Holy Communion

As the time comes closer to First Holy Communion season, we have been reminiscing about our own 'special' days. The outfits, the food, the prep and the list goes on. We compiled a list of things that we are happy to never have to endure again. Don't get me wrong First Holy Communions were great craic all the same. I'm just happy I don't have to make mine again..

Carrying around a small prayer book

Why this little prayer book had to come everywhere with us is and forever will be beyond me.

The Rosary Beads

I will never forget the day going into school after getting my new pink rosary beads and showing my friends. Of course there was someone with purple rosary beads and of course they were better. The competition was fierce.


Bouncy Castles

Speaking of intense competition, the bouncy castles were the pinnacle of Communion competition. There was nothing like waking up early the morning of your communion and seeing all of these colourful castles popping up over the hedges all around you. Once the communion outfits came off though, the claws came out. The danger!


Being chosen to say a reading (or not)

Oh the pride that would rush through your body if you were asked to say a reading. The excitement to tell your mammy and the nerves the morning of! Something that anyone who has said a reading at their first holy communion will never ever forget. Likewise, if you weren't one of the lucky ones to be asked to say a reading, you will equally never forget the resentment and jealousy either. But sure look we all got to sing a few hymns anyway!


The Money

OK, this title makes me sound like a little brat but come on, I know it's the first thing you thought about too! Counting the money I received as very generous gifts the evening of my communion after everyone had gone home is something I will never forget. I genuinely felt like a millionaire! It's a very different feeling I get when I count my funds now as a college student, will I ever feel like a millionaire again?! Doubtful.

Going out for your favourite meal but having to be extra cautious of not spilling anything on your outfit

We were all weak for ourselves the day of our communion in our fancy outfits but jaysus it was painful trying to not spill anything at all that day. Is that what brides feel like on their wedding day?!

Being brought door to door so your neighbours can see you on your big day

Our parents parading us around for the whole street to see us was a very proud moment for our parents but god I was wrecked after it. Fit for the bed!

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