Last Night Love Island's Adam Made A Shocking Confession

Last Night Love Island's Adam Made A Shocking Confession

A controversial character from the start, Love Island's Adam has left fans more confused than ever.

Initially Adam leaving the villa left fans disappointed that the toyboy wouldn't be around to serve up that much needed drama but now it looks like hes left that in the past.

Appearing on Love Island Aftersun with Zara, Adam made the shocking confession he has left his playing ways in the past and he does, in fact, love Zara - shock horror:


Adam said he won the show too early by meeting Zara which was met by cheers and giggles from Ellie and Darylle. Darylle may have sat in the audience and happily clapped along to the couple sharing their announcement but fans had a lot to say about this moment:


One fan asked Caroline Flack if she's still engaged after looking into Adam's hunky hazel eyes. She replied with "hahahaha".

Before leaving the villa, Adam spoke to Darylle about still having feelings for Zara so is it really that much of a surprise? One things for sure: the fitness instructor kept a tight leash on his emotions and played the game.

Will Zara and Adam last?

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