Can You Spot The Difference Between Kim Kardashian & Her Doppelgänger In This Selfie?

Kim Kardashian is everywhere these days. She's become a style and beauty inspiration for so many women across the world. She's the reason any of us even know what contouring is and when she wore a bodycon dress while pregnant as fuck, we decided that we could all do that too.


The world seems to agree as there are Kim Kardashian lookalikes popping up all over the place. But none are so well known as Kamīlla Ōsman. With a staggering 240k followers on Instagram, Ōsman may as well just be an actual Kardashian.


She had some work done for medical reasons - which we're assuming is just that she wanted to look like a Kardashian, and boom, she is now an actual doppelganger. Ōsman met Kim over the weekend and the seflie she got is actually insane. We challenge you to spot the difference between the two.




Yeah, we know...it's actually eerie how similar the two are. Kim better watch her back, there's a new Contour Kween in town!


Video: Kim Kardashian Plays with Makeup | Harper's Bazaar The Look

Credit: Cosmopolitan.com


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