Chris Rock Has Issued A Big Ban For His Upcoming Dublin Gig

Chris Rock Has Issued A Big Ban For His Upcoming Dublin Gig

Chris Rock has announced that the use of mobile phones is to be banned in his upcoming gig in the 3 Arena on 30 September.

"But how are we supposed to pictorially commemorate the fact that we were at the gig?" I hear you cry. "How are we to ever know or be able to prove that we attended and sampled the joys of the well-wrought chuckle dispenser that is Chris Rock if we are deprived the opportunity to photograph the event?" Well unfortunately the only option available to you here is to enjoy the show and dust off the cobwebs on the brain and kick the old girl back into action to try remember as much of the gig as possible, in memory form.

It's advised that you leave your phones at home, in a car, in the care of a lover or uncle. However if you do not have a home, car, lover or uncle and are forced to bring your phone with you, then never fear as C-Rock has got you covered. At the gig there will be a series of Yondr pouches available to be used to sheathe your phone.

If you have just spat hot coffee and the screen, angrily spluttering, "Christ on a bike? What on earth is a Yondr pouch? You expect us to know what you mean, throwing about these utterly obscure pouch brands? I have quite enough to keep track of, let alone trying to monitor developments in pouch technology!?" Please, calm down dear reader. Simply lick the milky, caffeinated residue off your screen, sit back and allow me to explain.


Yondr pouches are apparently a specific type of pouch that seal in phones, while allowing phone signals through. Promoters MCD said "Allows phone signals to get through, so someone can feel a phone vibrate when a message arrives." However, if you need to use your phone at all you must "leave the room, have the device unlocked and use the phone in the lobby or outside."

This is a pretty great move from Chris Rock, as apart from distracting other members of the audience from a performance, whipping out a phone at a comedy gig to take a photo, send a text or have a cheeky Google of what exact date was the Battle of Trafalgar (21 October 1815) is distracting for the performer. It's just a bit of a dick move in general so fair play to Chris Rock for actually taking action on it.

Rory McNab

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