Christmas Movies & PJs Drive-In Cinema Coming To Dublin Next Month

Christmas Movies & PJs Drive-In Cinema Coming To Dublin Next Month

We all have our own preferences for what makes the perfect movie night. Some feel that the supreme way to watch a movie is in the cinema, absolutely leathering through a medically inadvisable amount of popcorn. Others contend that a movie is best enjoyed at home, under the comfort of duvets, and away from the hustle and bustle of a cinema's crowds. Personally though, I think that the only true way to enjoy a film is while sitting in a dilapidated Nissan Micra from the turn of the millenium that is parked in a temporarily vacant horse-racing track.

Thankfully, my unique set of requests are soon to be catered for as one of Dublin's best-loved Christmas attractions is set to return. 98FM's Retro Drive-In Movies will be returning to Leopardstown Racecourse on December 13th-16th and for a one-off date on December 23

All of the horses will be disassembled and packed away into their horse-boxes to make way for the influx of vehicles coming to watch some beloved Christmas movies such as Love Actually, Santa Claus - The Movie, Home Alones 1 through 2, The Polar Express, It's A Wonderful Life and Elf. The racecourse will play host to the world's largest outdoor LED screen at the festive event. But don't just take my word for it, take the word of this promotional article announcing the event from 98FM's website.

As well as the vast screen showing the films, movie-goers will also be able to avail of Christmas food stalls and lots of - what are described in a worryingly ambiguous way as - 'lots of festive surprises'. There will also be a live DJ playing Christmas music, in case you haven't already been driven to the point of madness from being inundated with festive jingles while walking around shops by that stage.


They declare that the screenings of Elf, Santa Claus - The Movie and Home Alone 2 are set to be special 'PJs and Pillows' screenings, where you are encouraged to bring said items to enjoy the movies in comfort in your car. It is unclear if the implied fact that people are therefore barred from wearing pyjamas or bringing pillows to any of the other films will be practicably enforced.

The full timetable and list of prices can be seen here.

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Rory McNab

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