Quiz: What Classic College Movie Are You?

Quiz: What Classic College Movie Are You?

Have you ever wondered what college you would head to if you were over in the States? Well my friends, now you don't have to. This classic college movie quiz will sieve through all the best American college films and find your perfect match.

I think we've all grown up with images of the college jock, cheerleaders, beer pong and tee-peeing some poor person's house. College in Ireland is literally as far from American college life as you can get. You wouldn't be finding sneaky naggins and chicken fillet rolls in the Shtates, eh lad?

However, if you want to know whether you'd be the losers from Accepted, Stifler in American Pie or Will Ferrell in Old School, you'll have to take this quiz to find out.


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Ciara Finnegan

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