Quiz: Can You Guess The Closest Countries To Ireland?

Quiz: Can You Guess The Closest Countries To Ireland?

Nearly everybody loves to travel and, let's face it; even though we're Hibernophiles through and through, when holidaying outside Ireland we enjoy it that little bit more. No shade UK, but being Irish and having not voted to shut ourselves off from the rest of the world, we will still be able to travel to pretty much anywhere in Europe, hassle free.

As much as we love the Wild Atlantic Way and the general craic there's nothing like the sun on your face and an ice cold drink in hand.

If you doing nothing but study maps then you'll know that Ireland shares this side of the continent with a lot of countries, with only one being a land border - we didn't make the rules. Anyway, if you can get these twenty right you're a geographical expert/ a Eurovision binge watcher 'cause this quiz ain't easy - I failed:


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