Danny Dyer Posts To Instagram Calling Out Jack For His Behaviour

Danny Dyer Posts To Instagram Calling Out Jack For His Behaviour

Danny Dyer has taken to Instagram to express his thoughts on the do-bits society that Wes has begun in the villa. Basically, the 'do-bits' society is exactly what you'd think it is and there's really no need to explain further.

Danny posted to his Instagram with a 'Mad Lipz' clip, which is pretty much a lip syncing video where Danny Dyer uses different clips of all sorts, but changes the voices to his own, replacing it with hilarious commentary.

In recent episodes of Love Island, one of the main things that has been happening is the 'do-bits' society that they are all slowly becoming part of. Being one of the most in love and log-lasting couples, you'd think Jack and Dani would be chair-couple of the society, but you're wrong. With Dani's dad watching very closely, the couple have been taking it very slow, and for good reason.

Last night, Danny Dyer (Dad Danny Dyer), posted a lip sync video to his account, threatening Jack. The clip used was one of Bruce Lee in where he destroys somebody's apartment. Just before the trashing of the apartment begins, Danny Dyer says "Bruce, very quickly, can you just let everyone know what I'd do to Jack if he got involved in the do-bits society".

#thedobitssociety. #loveisland.

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Danny has been slowly giving us little inklings of what he thinks of his daughter's time in the house. Overall it seems he is a pretty proud dad, but if I was Jack I would be a little bit cautious about what move he makes next.


It seems Danny Dyer likes to make videos in his spare time for his fans, with the majority of his feed being filled by similar lip sync videos (mainly Donald Trump impressions), which are completely worth the watch.


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She’s still got it.

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