WATCH: Danny Healy-Rae Calls For Army To Be Deployed To Tackle 'Deer Taking Over'

WATCH: Danny Healy-Rae Calls For Army To Be Deployed To Tackle 'Deer Taking Over'

D'Oh A Deer!

Ah, the Healy- Rae family, a constant source of entertainment. Recently, Danny Healy- Rae took on vegetarians stating that people who give up meat have never done a hard day's work. Having moved on from the vegetarians the next in Danny's line of fire are Deers. Yes, Bambi has the independent politician hot under the collar in his latest appeal to the Dáil.

Speaking in the Dáil, Healy- Rae addresses the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar stating that safety on our roads is paramount. This then leads him to the problem faced by the people of Kerry, he states locals are facing "turmoil and tears with the deer on the roads". He then goes on to speak about the deer, a creature known for its timid nature, in a langue suggests the deer are tormenting the people of Kerry out of some sort of malice. Healy-Rae says that the deer are "patrolling into the towns and the villages, they're in the states around Killarney and they have the place taken over". Healy- Rae calls again on the Taoiseach in a statement that will enrage animal activists everywhere "if someone shoots a deer, the National Parks and the Rangers and the Guards are all down on top of them, yet when the deer do damage and damage a car and people are injured or end up dead as a result of these accidents..no one does anything about it then". This leads him to appeal to Varadkar to call out the army to make the roads of Kerry safer. At this point, he reiterates his statement that 'the deer are taking over'. Across the waters, the UK have the arm on stand-by for riots as a result of Brexit. Meanwhile, in Ireland, one man is calling upon the army to tackle on Deer.

In response to this appeal for the army to be called in to kill the Deer of Kerry,  Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Josepha Madigan states that there is a deer management system in place a Killarney park and at there is currently a cull in place. I'm having traumatic flashbacks of Bambi's mother as I write. However, Healy Rae has the final say stating these measures are "not working"


You can watch the full video here:

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