Disney Are Reportedly Working On A Sequel To Hocus Pocus!

Disney Are Reportedly Working On A Sequel To Hocus Pocus!

May 1993 bore witness to one of the late 20th century's most iconic moments. No, I am not talking about my own birth - but thank you for assuming I was - it was actually described by one of the attendant midwives as 'a largely forgettable affair', I am of course talking about the release of Hocus Pocus.

Well, according to Collider, Hocus Pocus 2 is in the works at Disney. They report that Jen D'Angelo, of Workaholics fame, has been brought on board to write the script for the sequel. One of the key obstacles facing the project however will be trying to get the three main cast, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy back together.

Despite the initial tepid reception of the original film, grossing only around $40 million dollars at the box office, it has since gone on to become something of a cult classic.


It also seems that - should the project go ahead - it will be released on Disney +, Disney's soon to be launched streaming rival to Netflix. While there is no currently rumoured release date for the film, we can only hope that the project moves forward and comes to fruition.

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