Every Fan Will Find This Harry Potter Logic Puzzle Infuriatingly Difficult

Every Fan Will Find This Harry Potter Logic Puzzle Infuriatingly Difficult

I hope you're having a great Sunday - honestly I do. I hope that, at least thusfar, it's been a day filled with relaxation and satisfying amusement, because if you've clicked into this under the pretense of thinking you're experience with the alluded to logic puzzle will comprise of anything short of 'the worst time you've ever had on a Sunday' then you need to shelve those misapprehensions this instant. In fact, here is a shelf so that you may do just that.

As someone who would consider themselves at least reasonably well-versed in the Harry Potter universe - to put my fandom into perspective I've read all the books several times but don't own any Harry Potter branded merchandise beyond this, 'tis in this territory I reside - this puzzle decimated me emotionally. I was so harangued by its complexity that it made the thirty or so minutes I ploughed into it feel like little more than a waste of time and, given that they were thirty minutes wherein I was technically supposed to be working, I'm sure my employer would agree with that assessment.

In my quest to try complete this quiz. I visited two separate Harry Potter fan sites to consult family lineages - that is the level of difficulty we're talking here. It inspired levels of consternation, anguish, and self-loathing so profound that I can only conclude that, rather than being designed by some jovial quizzer on Sporcle, it was a actually a secret project created by the US military with the express purpose of being used as an instrument of torture. Forget water-boarding; forget having car-batteries clamped to your nipples; forget being locked in a dank, damp cell with nothing but one Westlife song being blasted at you on a loop - attempting to solve this quiz, that, that is true torture.


Unfortunately the quiz itself doesn't embed, so I can offer you little more beyond this point than a link to it. Behold. I hope that I have at least hyped it up enough so that you don't feel somewhat misled by having to click through to yet another page.

I hope that you emerge out the other side of it.

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Rory McNab

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