Unconventionally Hot Men: A Drooling Gallery

Okay, don't get me wrong, Zac Efron and George Clooney are great - they're symmetrical, groomed and classically good-looking. However, sometimes perfect can be boring. I tend to prefer the guy who doesn't immediately blow you away with how hot he is but instead makes you question why exactly you find him attractive. Is it the broken nose? The hella messy hair? The crooked teeth? When it's impossible to put your finger on what you like about someone, things get interesting. To celebrate the unique, the different and the weird, here's a list of some totally (unconventionally) sexy men.


1. Matty Healy

When you first look at Matty Healy, you have to be both drawn in and repulsed by his cockatoo-like do. I mean seriously, you can pretty much see the contours of his skull. Then you note the softness of his neck--the way it's freckled and dough-like and how his chin almost disappears into it...And his eyebrows. They're always raised so that he looks like a puppy that's just been kicked. And yet, with all of these combined features, he manages to be incredibly sexy.


2. James Jagger


Okay, he's a Jagger, so he must be gorgeous...But even Mick himself was a bit gremlin-like at times and James is no exception. He's got a very severe nose and a squinty right eye and, of course, that enormous Jagger mouth. Buuut, he's rough around the edges and has that gritty East London attitude that makes his grungy, squinty look intensely hot.


3. Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap would be classically good-looking if it weren't for his eye...and yet somehow his eye only adds to the appeal. What I love the most about Fetty is that he doesn't even attempt to hide his half-open, bloodshot blind-side. He just rocks it.



4. Nat Wolff

A Naked Brother no more, Nat Wolff is all grown up...and weirdly hot. He might have the weakest chin on the scene and a nose shaped like a fat-bottom girl, but he's also got some piercing-ass eyes and a beauty mark any French model would envy.


5. Adam Driver


Ever since Adam Driver stepped onto the scene in HBO's Girls (in tighty whities no less), women everywhere have been questioning why they feel so intensely attracted to a man with such an enormous face. Maybe it's because every other part of him is enormous too?


6. Jack Kilmer

I had to watch Palo Alto twice before I conceded that, yes, Jack Kilmer is in fact a babe. He has the haircut of a wealthy suburban soccer mom with a pill-popping problem, his nose reminds me of real-life Pinocchio and his mouth tends to hang open, revealing some front teeth Bugs Bunny would be proud of. But he's also got some hella-dreamy eyes and a wasted sad-boy aura that make him an adorable indie prince.



7. Rami Malek

I first encountered Rami while watching the HBO series The Pacific with my Dad. Halfway through the first episode, I realized that the reason why I was spending hours in my basement watching tank explosions and soldiers have their trench-foot riddled toes hacked off was because Rami is sexy as hell. Okay, his eyes are sort of buggy and Gollum-like, but they're also the colour of Mediterranean sea water and madly enchanting...not to mention he's got a body to die for.



8. Alex Turner

The truth is he's stork-like. I mean, we could all easily imagine this guy flapping over the rooftops of some sleepy seaside town delivering babies at random. But he's also got this Beatles-esque, old-fashioned laddish-ness to him that can make you weak at the knees. He's the guy who you'd see at the bus stop every day and find yourself having public transportation-themed fantasies about without really knowing why.

9. Cillian Murphy

If you haven't seen Cillian in the Netflix series Peaky Blinders, drop whatever you're doing and sprint to your laptop, he'll make you reconsider what "classic good looks" even means. His bone structure is frightening to say the least. He's got the most cavernous, dead-looking eyes I've ever seen and his lips are pursed in a weird, trout-like pout...but he's so delicious.



10. Iwan Rheon

Maybe it's only because he plays the torture-happy Ramsay Bolton in the HBO series Game Of Thrones, but Iwan Rheon just looks evil. And yet, I know I'm not the only woman who finds herself totally attracted to him even as he's clipping off fingers and skinning innocent people alive. Maybe it's the dangerous eyes or maybe it's the incredible bod. Either way, Iwan manages to make you question your taste in heroic men...and your morality.


11. Craig Roberts


Craig Roberts is not your typical looker. He's sort of hobbit-like and could easily pass for any number of small, furry forest creatures. Still, there's definitely something there. I'd say it's the soulful eyes and boyish attitude that makes him an unexpected addition to our hot list.



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