This Festive Peaky Blinders Jumper Will Make Your Christmas Dreams Come True

This Festive Peaky Blinders Jumper Will Make Your Christmas Dreams Come True

I'm not here to screw you around. I've never seen Peaky Blinders. I'm not going to pretend that I have. I could've done a cursory glance through a Wikipedia page to glean the basic gist of the show and try fluff my way through some shambolic attempt at convincing you I knew what I was talking about, but I respect you too much to try shit you about like that. What I do know, is that Peaky Blinders is popular. Very popular. I am also under the same impression with regards to Christmas. So, by the power of deduction, I'm guessing that the fact there is a Peaky Blinders themed festive jumper available will prove to be thunderingly popular, though I will never understand this, alien to me as both of these precepts of the jumper's novelty are.

I feel that, with all things in this world, the complexity of this situation can best be expressed in the form of a Venn Diagram, which I have done thusly:

However, with the fourth season of the show having started this act of corporate opportunism, of releasing a festive Peaky Blinders themed jumper, is joyous news to all. The jumper has been released on a limited run and is available from this website, though get moving fast as it appears to only be on sale for the next 8 or so hours. It's priced at just under €24 excluding postage and delivery.


Drink in this bad boy in all its majesty.

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Rory McNab

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