Quiz: What Type Of Genius Are You?

Quiz: What Type Of Genius Are You?

If only I had a brain...

Jeez Dorothy, what's with all the shade?

Apparently, there are four different types of geniuses living in this massive world of ours and with five questions you can find out which one you are. The four types of genius are:

  • Dynamo¬†

Dynamo thinkers are all about the ideas and are considered creative geniuses. Famous Dynamo: Bill Gates

  • Blaze

Blaze people are incredible at making connections and their strongest asset is leadership. Famous Blaze: Oprah Winfrey

  • Tempo¬†

Tempos know their audience and stay calm and grounded. Famous Tempos: Nelson Mandela

  • Steel

Steel are smart with the details but aren't always the most sensitive. Famous Steel Genius: Mark Zuckerberg

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