Gigi Hadid Just Epically Shut Down Haters Who Say She Dates Too Many Guys

Gigi Hadid does not take any shit. She's currently dating Zayn Malik in a very public fashion, which is fair enough. She's allowed to want to show off her boyfriend and their relationship as much as she likes. Afterall, she's 20 and loving life so why not?!

But it seems that a few haters in the twitterverse are a bit unimpressed with Gigi's dating history. Gigi has dated three guys in the past three years. Her first serious relationship was with Cody Simpson, followed by Joe Jonas and now Zayn. So you know, she's not serial dating or anything for fucks sake.


Well Gigi was not having any of it!




We feel ya girl. Gigi took the higher ground though and we've gotta respect that. To be honest, if we looked like her we'd be living the single life and dating absolutely everyone, so you dod you Gigi.


Video: Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid's Sleepover Party in Chanel Couture

Credit: Vogue.

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