Quiz: How Will You Fare In Our Harry Potter Bunker Quiz!?

Quiz: How Will You Fare In Our Harry Potter Bunker Quiz!?

When taking our near daily perusal through Sporcle, everybody's favourite quiz website that looks like it was designed by a Russian teenager in 2002, I stumbled across what we in the business of web publication call 'the motherload'* - a Harry Potter themed quiz.

The format of this quiz is what is apparently described as a 'Bunker'. Except instead of being a typical bunker constructed of thick concrete walls lying beneath several meters of  earth and filled with non-perishable goods, this bunker is made of Harry Potter based questions and would this presumably provide absolutely no protection in any of the several situations one might actually need a bunker for.

Let's not beat about this bush any longer. It's time to put the sticks away and head into the bush/ bunker/ quiz. It's multiple choice. Ya get a question wrong you start again. If you don't understand this rudimentary premise you do not deserve access to this bush/ bunker.


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*Disclaimer: I would just like to make it absolutely clear at this juncture that anyone who ever used this phrase without a heavy side-serving of irony should be publicly humiliated in some Medieval manner that is largely shunned by today's standards e.g. pelted with rotten vegetables.

Rory McNab

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