Predictive Text Rewrote Harry Potter And It's Feckin' Hilarious

Predictive Text Rewrote Harry Potter And It's Feckin' Hilarious

Harry Potter is one story that never goes away and this rewrite is the perfect twist on a classic tale - although, JK Rowling if you ever stumble upon this, we'll pass on it becoming part of the canon.

The geniuses over at Botnik Studios, a predictive writing project, rewrote an entire chapter of Harry Potter with just predictive text. The keyboard was trained using all seven of the Harry Potter books and the chapter is entitled 'The Handsome One' with the book title being Harry Potter And The Portrait Of What Looked Like A Large Pile Of Ash - which sounds like a title that was originally meant for a Lemony Snicket novel.


Oh, Ron - you cannibal you! You might be thinking, how does this work? Well, the Predictive Writer takes chunks of text and examines it to find patterns in sentences, and then produces suggestions for how a sentence should continue based on what words came before it, similar to how some smartphone keyboards make suggestions based on what you type.

The editor chose the best predictive sentences submitted by dozens of people to Botnik for the final Harry Potter chapter. It's humans and technology communicating on entirely new levels which is pretty magical.

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