Kendall Jenner's Advice For Guys Is Spot On

Kendall Jenner is the least vocal of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, not speaking out very often and generally going under the radar. It's part of why we love her. Yes, she's a supermodel, but she seems really chill.


Kendall is the current face of Calvin Klein and the new campaign is centered on the idea of strength, so they asked her what she thought defined a strong male and female.


Kendall's response about women is exactly when you'd expect from someone who grew up in the limelight. “I think a strong woman is independent, don’t need no man...can like walk into a room by herself and not be bothered and can go anywhere by herself and not need a million people around her. I think that’s a really strong woman,”




It's clear that Kendall is surrounded by strong women that she draws inspiration from. But what about what she thinks makes a strong man? "A strong man to me is someone who’s very nice to a woman and treats her right. Women are, like, the creators of life. We hold life. You need to respect us."



Preach girl! So any of you guys looking to get into Kendall's good books, learn a little respect!


Credit: Calvin Klein


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