Lads, It's Been 10 Years Since Superbad So Let's Remember Our Favourite Parts

Lads, It's Been 10 Years Since Superbad So Let's Remember Our Favourite Parts

I'm having an extremely difficult time comprehending this, but I'm gonna try: Superbad was released in cinemas 10 years ago this year. How has it been a decade since we were introduced to McLovin? Or became obsessed with gold slick vodka? It is truly unexplainable. One thing we know though is that this movie will go down in history as one of the best teen movies ever. Tonight let's reminisce the most quotable Superbad moments:

1. When Evan and Seth ran after the girl who got a breast reduction

2. When the police were a bit too real


3. When Seth plots how he's going to get with Jules

Seth: You know when a girl's like 'Oh God, I got so shitfaced last night. I shouldn't have fucked that guy!' We can be that mistake!

4. When McLovin presents his totally legit ID


Evan: I mean, it's up to you Fogell. This guy's gonna think, 'Oh, here's another kid with a fake I.D., or here's McLovin, the 25 year old Hawaiian organ donor.' Okay, so what's it gonna be?
Fogell: I am McLovin'.
Seth: No, you're not. No one's McLovin'. McLovin's never existed, because that's a made-up, dumb, fucking fairytale name, you fuck!

5. When Greg forgot his place

Greg the Soccer Player: What the fuck Evan! We're down two points!
Evan: Fuckin calm down Greg it's soccer. It's soccer.
Greg the Soccer Player: Fuck you man!
Seth: Hey Greg, why don't you go piss your pants again?
Greg the Soccer Player: That was like 8 years ago, asshole!
Seth: People don't forget!


6. When Seth admits his darkest secret

Seth: They literally stopped me from eating foods that were shaped like dicks. No hot dogs, no popsicles... You know how many foods are shaped like dicks? The best kinds.
Evan: Well, I don't... That's really messed up. Supergay.

7. This scene that started an iconic catchphrase, "Fuck my life"


8. When McLovin knew what was up

Officer Michaels: How old are you McLovin?
Fogell: Old enough.
Fogell: Old enough for what?
Fogell: To party.

9. When Seth gets period blood on his leg


10. When Seth gets hit by the car

11. The dream sequence


Seth: You dropped your purse, ma'am. Would you like me to help you with your groceries?
Old Lady: Well that would be lovely young man. Would you like me to buy you alcohol?
Seth: That would be lovely!
[at the cash register, after buying alcohol]
Seth: Enjoy your remaining years!
Old Lady: I will! Enjoy fucking Jules!
Seth: I WILL!

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