Why You Need To See LadyBird With Your Mam This Mother's Day

Why You Need To See LadyBird With Your Mam This Mother's Day

Set in 2002, LadyBird is all about the trials and tribulations of the protagonist Christine McPherson (LadyBird) as she tries to get into a "liberal" college and the enigmatic relationship she has with her mother. Everyone is talking about it and when I took the time to sit back and watch it I only had one disappointment - I didn't watch it with my Mam:

Saoirse Ronan & Laurie Metcalf

The buzz around LadyBird was mainly attached to the woman of the hour Saoirse Ronan but the performance of Laurie Metcalf, who previously starred in Uncle BuckRunaway Bride, and The Big Bang Theory, resulted in an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. The powerful performances of both actresses will instantly transport back to those arguments with your Mam or that friend who'd row with their Mam in front of you on a regular basis - no shade.

It Moves Beyond Teenage Angst

Not only does LadyBird focus on the popular theme of teenage angst, what makes this movie so unique is its sobering and hilarious depiction of mother-daughter relationships. The complex but simple relationship between Ronan and Metcalf will leave you crying one minute and out of breath laughing the next. Although it doesn't seem like there's an actual narrative, Greta Gerwig, LadyBird's director and writer, does an incredible job of capturing multiple memories in one movie, making it relatable to stories like Boyhood and The 400 Blows.


Irish Catholic Schools

Although the story is set in Sacremento, the movie partially focuses on LadyBird's experience in secondary school and it feels like it could be set in a Catholic school anywhere in Ireland. If both you and your Mam have ever been taught by nuns in a secondary school then there are moments in the storyline both of you can instantly relate to.

The Oscar Backlash

Last Sundays Oscars were inundated with massive blockbuster stars, an interspecies relationship that won Best Picture and plenty of billboards. Nestled amongst the gold statues and expensive goodie bags was the indie beauty of LadyBird - a film few Irish people had seen but were already heralding in the hopes that Ronan, Ireland's answer to Meryl Streep, would win her Best Actress nod. Although nominated for five awards, Ladybird received none of its expected Oscar wins but made history. Greta Gerwig is one of only five women ever nominated for best director and at 23, Ronan has been nominated for Best Actress three times:


More than anything, LadyBird is a story about learning to let go and that's something we can all relate to. If you don't watch it with your Mam you're going to want to ring her anyway so it's best you just bite the bullet and do it together. If you need to convince one another then here's the full trailer below:

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