5 Life Lessons We Learned From Last Night's Love Island

5 Life Lessons We Learned From Last Night's Love Island

It's been non-stop drama in the Love Island villa and last night was no exceptions. Two- faced behaviour was revealed, the phrases 'it is what it is" and "my type" were grossly overused and true friendships came out in times of crisis. Here are five life lessons from Love Island:

Lesson One- How to handle conflict

It hasn't been the best week for Yewande. New girl Arabella entered the villa and quickly set her sights on Danny, who is coupled up with Yewande. In Friday's episode, Arabella took Yewande aside and it was quickly made apparent that Danny was playing the two of them. Aside from letting her insecurities get the better of her, Yewande handled this situation perfectly. She took both of them aside and laid out the facts. Well played Yewande, turns out Danny was no knight in shining armour, just another gobshite wrapped in tin foil.

Lesson Two- What it means to be a good friend

In times of conflict, true friends reveal themselves and Michael showed us what it means to be a good friend.


Lesson Three- Lies will always catch up with you

Oh, Danny boy, I say boy because all his behaviour has shown is he's nothing short of a child. He came into the villa a self-proclaimed 'nice guy' but has revealed himself to be anything but. Surely, it must have crossed his mind at some point that women talk and if you are saying two different things to two different women, you will be found out.


Lesson Four- How to lose a girl in 2o seconds

The lesson on how to lose a girl in 20 seconds comes from Manchester model Tom. Things seemed to be running smoothly for the new couple who shared their first kiss, closely followed by 2 more kisses. Maura went on to win the weekly challenge by proving she can "down anything". As a reward for being the winner of the challenge, Maura was allowed to spend one night in the hideout with the man of her choice. Naturally, she chose Tom and what followed is a perfect of a man being an absolute tool.


Lesson Five- Maura on how to just do you

Maura is quickly becoming everyone's favourite Islander. She says it how it is and doesn't hold back. Her reaction to Tom being offensive on so many levels has moved her up to reality TV legend status with talks of a welcome home parade in Longford. First, he assumed he would be getting laid because she is open about talking about sex. Aside from showing absolutely no respect, he basically slut-shamed her by saying "let's see if she's all mouth". Take a life lesson from Tommy, Tom, a gentleman never tells.


We will all be tuned in tonight to see how this one plays out, team Maura all the way.

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Deirdre Kelly

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