Everyone's Favourite Christmas Movie Is Now Streaming On Netflix

Everyone's Favourite Christmas Movie Is Now Streaming On Netflix

Christmas movies - They're like regular movies except they have far greater budgetary overheads for synthetic snow.

Well, Netflix have announced that their selection of Christmas movies available on their streaming service is set to increase to the tune of 'one', with that addition being Love Actually.

In late November Netflix made the announcement that the beloved movie would be coming to its streaming platform on December 14, by re-editing perhaps the most famous scene of the movie, where Mark goes to his newly wedded best friend's house to profess his love for Juliet, his best-friends wife.


All questions about how much of a dick move that whole thing is aside, it really isn't discussed often enough just what a gamble Mark was taking with his whole 'pithy admission of love written on cue cards' shtick. He rang the bell of the house. There was a 50/50 chance whether it was going to be Juliet who went to answer the door, or his best friend Peter. Now, thankfully for Mark, it was Juliet who dragged herself to the door, but Mark was not to know it was going to pan out this way. What if she had been out? Or if she'd been asleep - it looks like he's calling at quite a late hour after all - and Peter had come to the door to find Mark standing there brimming to the gills with all sorts of scandalous cue cards? Well, it doesn't bear thinking about.

Regardless, this is fantastic news, and we all cannot wait to watch it many times during the hungover festive season.

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