Love Island's Being Slammed By Fans As 'Emotionally Manipulative'

Love Island's Being Slammed By Fans As 'Emotionally Manipulative'

The road to redemption is never easy and Love Island should know.

Once again, the reality TV show has gotten in deep water as fans accuse producers of emotionally manipulating the contestants. Love Island shared a clip of Laura and new boy Idris on a date from last night's episode on Twitter. Idris informed Laura that new Jack had been the one to kiss Georgia, a moment that shook the dynamics in the house.

Laura and Jack had been making amends after Laura decided Jack wasn't for her and then decided he was. Fans believe Idris intentionally lied to Laura to manipulate her into making another rash decision with Jack as Georgia did kiss Jack first.



This isn't the first time Love Island has come under fire this year. OFCOM, the broadcasting regulator, received over 2,500 complaints from viewers two weeks ago over Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham being emotionally manipulated.

Dani was shown a video of Jack, who was sent to another villa, reuniting with his ex. The producers did not show Dani Jack's outpouring of love for Dani and Dani was emotionally strained from the experience.

Fewer complaints resulted in a €150,000 fine for BBC back in 2008 when Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross left obscene messages on Andrew Sach's answering machine.

One thing's for sure, new boy Idris is gunning for the villain of the season.

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