Love Island Contestant Reveals The X-Rated Antics They Couldn't Show On TV

Love Island Contestant Reveals The X-Rated Antics They Couldn't Show On TV

There is nothing worse than being near a loved up couple who don't understand personal space. The latest evictees of Love Island know all about not having space as former contestants reveal having to sit near daily romps involving their villa mates. Here's all the Love Island scandal from the former contestant.

Sam and Georgia got the axe from last nights show but they revealed some insider secrets for all you Love Island fans. Although Montana Brown and Alex were voted as the noisiest rompers in the villa, Sam has revealed that it's actually couple Amber Davies and Ken Cetinay. The pair is apparently at it like rabbits 24/7 all over the compound.

Sam revealed that the couple has even done it in the show's swimming pool in front of other contestants. The poolside romp appears to have been too X-rated to be aired on the reality show. According to The Sun, Sam said:

Kem and Amber have definitely had the most sex out of everyone. They’ve done it everywhere.It is like being on a lads’ holiday and your mates are bringing girls back to the hotel.

Oh dear.

Here are all the latest Twitter reaction to last nights Love Island episode and fans weren't too impressed with Montana's behaviour and loved Chris raising that fake baby:


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