Love Island's Yewande Finally Got Some Air Time And It Was Glorious

Love Island's Yewande Finally Got Some Air Time And It Was Glorious

Since Love Island returned to our screens last week, Yewande the 23 year old Scientist from Dublin has established herself as a firm favourite for the viewers of the show. In the first episode, Yewande partnered up with Michael by default when she was the last to be picked. The pair grew a close platonic bond and in Friday's recoupling, she chose to couple up with Michael again. Fans noticed in week one, Yewande was getting very little air time with the Tommy, Lucie, Joe love triangle dominating the show. Much to everyone's delight, Yewande finally got her screen time with a date with the new boy Danny.

Following the date, came the girly chats on the balcony. The girls were quick to comment that Yewande was glowing when she returned from her date, a statement that was later echoed by the boys. The girl chat quickly led to the latest girl to be added to the house, Molly- Mae declaring Danny was "her type".

Twitter users were quick to point out that Molly-Mae has made a play for close to every boy in the villa in the short time she's been there.


Fans loved when Yewande said what everyone's thinking. Speaking about Molly-Mae, she said "She says he's her type... but everyone's her f**king type."

The highlight of last night's episode has to be the boys giving Yewande dating advice.


To the producers of Love Island, keep giving air time to Yewande, she's a national treasure.

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Deirdre Kelly

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