Mixed Reviews After Electric Picnic Announce their 2019 Line-Up

Mixed Reviews After Electric Picnic Announce their 2019 Line-Up

Earlier today, Electric Picnic announced the first round of acts for their 2019 festival. Hozier, The Stokes, Florence and The Machine, The 1975, Billie Eilish, Christine and The Queens, Years and Years and Jess Glynne all announced to play the weekend long gig.

There's always a lot of pressure put on the release of the line-up, with the amount of money being spent on tickets, which are usually sold out before any acts are announced. Every year it's the same thing, you either love the line-up or you hate it, and everyone has a strong opinion to share.

This year was no different, with ticket holders and non-ticket holder taking to Twitter to express their feelings towards this year's event.

There's been mixed reviews from people who are delighted with the line-up, people who absolutely despise it, and those who are devastated they didn't get their ticket in time.

Let's start out with those who are over the moon with the line-up, particularly with The Strokes, Billie Eilish and Hozier.



Now for the good stuff. The people who are devastated over the line-up after spending a ridiculous amount of money on the concert.. You're playing Russian Roulette, my friend.



For all of you who aren't too fussed about the line-up after spending a fortune on it, fear not, there will be more announced in the coming months. For now, just hold on tight, you might be able to sell your ticket for a bomb of dollar.

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