Michael Bublé Announces Croke Park Concert For Next Year

Michael Bublé Announces Croke Park Concert For Next Year

Like some sort of warbling Messiah, Michael Bublé - pictured above stomping around as if he's impersonating Godzilla to impress a child - has returned. Unlike the Messiah however, Bublé has set his goals for his second coming slightly lower than saving all of mankind from eternal damnation; he is simply here to gather us in vast arenas with the attention of doing some crooning at us. To some of you, the prospect of this may sound indistinguishable from 'the fires of eternal damnation' but then, yet again like the Messiah, you should simply turn the other cheek and take a hike.

Bublé announced the show, which will take place in Croke Park on July 7 2o18, last night. The show will be fully seated, which seems odd for a concert of this size. Indeed this rule will be enforced with such rigidity that it is understood there will be a taskforce of security guards employed solely to tackle anyone to the ground they see who remains unseated for any more than 7 seconds.*

With Hallowe'en well and truly disappearing in our rear-view mirror, we are currently embroiled in the vortex of consumerism that some people insist on calling, Christmas. However, yet again Bublé appears to have the lead on Christ and the weeks in the run up to Christmas are now so heavily defined by the dulcet tones of the 12 or so Christmas songs Michael Buble has sung, that it may just be easier to reconfigure the whole holiday as a celebration of the Canadian lyric-pedlar.

The upcoming concerts announced by Bublé mark a return to international touring after he'd taken a hiatus to care for his ill son.


Tickets for the concert are priced at €89.50 and will go on sale on November 17 at 9am from Ticketmaster.ie and any Ticketmaster shack around the country.

*This may or may not be true.

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