Milk Coke Is A Thing And I For One Am Repulsed

Milk Coke Is A Thing And I For One Am Repulsed

Early this month a comedy writer James Felton shared a Tweet with his followers exposing the existence of 'Milk Coke'. Milk Coke, as the name suggests is mixing Milk and Coke. To note "Brummies" are people from Birmingham.

Since this revelation, the discussion of Milk Coke has divided the internet. On one side there is 'Team Milk Coke' a group who accept that it is a thing and even go as far as calling it a pleasant drink.

On the other side of the debate where I firmly stand there is the general repulsion that such a drink exists.


One Twitter user went as far as creating some artwork for this unusual combination.


What springs to mind with the mere mention of mix these two drinks that are perfectly acceptable on their own is Fight Milk from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Flight Milk was created by Mac and Charlie and contained a mixture of crow egg, milk, and vodka, a concoction so vile that it results in projectile vomit for anyone that drinks it. Sounds similar, no?


People who have accepted Milk Coke as a drink have compared it to an ice cream float when you add a scoop of ice cream of a fizzy drink. Milk coke, however, sounds to be a lot more stomach curdling than this. It is made up of half milk and half coke. Twitter users have shared their Milk Coke recipes with dairy substitutes like almond and coconut which sound slightly more appealing to the palette.

I for one am definitely not sold on this one.

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Deirdre Kelly

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