The Most-Watched Netflix Shows In Each Country In The World Have Been Revealed

The Most-Watched Netflix Shows In Each Country In The World Have Been Revealed

Sometimes you might wonder: what is the most watched show on Netflix? Who is watching and where? All of these questions usually remain unanswered until now.

The website HighSpeed Internet has managed to track all the most popular shows in the world. The results for most watched shows will probably shock you as Netflix never release the viewing figures of their shows.

The shows that are streamed the most on Netflix from first to fifth place are 1. Sherlock,  2.  Friends and Netflix Originals 3. Narcos and 4. House of Cards. Fox’s New Girl comes in fifth place.

Outside of America the most users of Netflix are Canadian and Irish. Ireland's most watched show is the sci-fi drama Black Mirror. We clearly have good taste.

Switzerland pays the most for the streaming service out of all the countries listed and Ireland comes in the top ten.  Here's the entire list of popular Netflix shows from around the world:

Algeria The Black List
Argentina Grand Hotel
Armenia Sherlock
Australia Jane the Virgin
Azerbaijan Sherlock
Bangladesh Sherlock
Belarus Bones
Belgium New Girl
Bolivia Futurama
Bosnia nd Herzegovina Breaking Bad
Brazil Pretty Little Liars
Bulgaria Scrubs
Canada Bates Motel
Chile Breaking Bad
Colombia Carlos
Costa Rica The Walking Dead
Cyprus Narcos
Czechia The Big Bang Theory
Denmark Rita
Dominican Republic Sense8
Ecuador The Walking Dead
Egypt Lost
El Salvador American Horror Story
Estonia Sherlock
Finland The Bridge
France The Returned
Georgia Breaking Bad
Germany House of Cards
Ghana The Originals
Greece Grand Hotel
Guatemala Narcos
Hong Kong Black Mirror
Hungary Family Guy
India Friends
Indonesia Love Rain
Iran Love Rain
Ireland Black Mirror
Israel Grey’s Anatomy
Italy Gomorrah
Jamaica The Originals
Japan Hibana
Jordan Friends
Kazakhstan Scrubs
Kenya Sense8
Kuwait Narcos
Kyrgystan The Black List
Latvia Friends
Lebanon Friends
Lithuania Shameless
Malaysia Love Rain
Mexico Las Aparicio
Moldova The Vampire Diaries
Morocco Narcos
Nauru Friends
Nepal Friends
Netherlands Sons of Anarchy
New Zealand Wentworth
Nigeria Boys Over Flowers
Norway The Americans
Pakistan New Girl
Peru The Wonder Years
Philippines My Love from the Star
Poland House of Cards
Portugal Shadowhunters
Romania The Vampire Diaries
Russia Arrow
Saudi Arabia Lost
Serbia Gossip Girl
Singapore Daredevil
Slovakia The Mentalist
South Africa New Girl
South Korea Soul Eater
Spain Narcos
Sri Lanka Arrow
Sweden Dexter
Switzerland House of Cards
Taiwan My Love from the Star
Thailand Soul Eater
Tunisia Hannibal
Turkey The Tudors
Ukraine Friends
United Arab Emirates Gotham
United Kingdom Call the Midwife
United States Shameless
Uruguay Breaking Bad
Uzbekistan Suits
Venezuela Pablo Escobar
Vietnam Empresses in the Palace
Zimbabwe Scandal

The Netflix list is from the end of 2016 so who knows what shows will make the top 5 from 2017! We're guessing it'll probably remain the same.

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