Netflix Have Added An Amazing Documentary About 5 Puppies Training To Be Guide Dogs

Netflix Have Added An Amazing Documentary About 5 Puppies Training To Be Guide Dogs

Are you what could broadly be considered 'alive', and in possession of a basic sense of empathy and common sense? If so, congratulations, you are probably generally enthusiastic about the existence of dogs. If so, then I hope you buckle in as we have some news for you! - If you are not in the vicinity of a buckled chair, please ameliorate this situation before progressing with this article.

Netflix are in the business of providing you with a near incomprehensibly vast number of ways to fritter away your free time. They are committed to this goal, they are zealots to its cause. Now, they have added yet another string to their bow in pursuit of this goal, and this string, just so happens to be made of puppies. That is a purely metaphorical statement, I - and I've been urged to emphasise this point by our legal department - can't stress enough just how much the corporate entity Netflix is not turning puppies into string. Frankly, I can't even comprehend how such an act would be achieved. But that is neither here nor there.

They have announced the release of a profoundly twee, and heartwarming, documentary called 'Pick Of The Litter'. I will surmise the broad thrusts of this documentary in a series of bullet-points:

  • Some puppies are born,  they are adorable.
  • Some people, tragically, have for any number of reasons, significant problems with their vision.
  • These puppies - possessing a keen moral conscience - abhor that upsetting state of affairs.
  • These puppies take it upon themselves to train to be guide dogs for the blind.
  • This programme documents that journey.

Now we are all on the same page. The puppies depicted in the documentary are all of one litter - hence the title. They also have all been named with an eye for alliteration that would make even Dr. Seuss double-take, drop his stethoscope and really take his mind away from the cataract surgery he was performing in that moment. (This metaphor presupposes that Dr. Seuss was a qualified and practicing M.D. though I do not know for certain and lack the journalistic rigour at such an early hour to commit to obtaining this information.) The names of the puppies are Patriot, Potomac, Primrose, Poppet, and Phil.


The documentary has won widespread acclaim since its release, but, if you aren't already sold on the whole premise slather your peep-holes all over the trailer for it here.

Personally, I'm all for any trailer that - within the opening 10 seconds - features a shot of a freshly born animal being feed milk through a pipette.

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Rory McNab

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