Olly Murs, Olly Murs Is Coming To Dublin To Do Some Singing

Olly Murs, Olly Murs Is Coming To Dublin To Do Some Singing

During the Second World War, vast systems of alarms were built throughout Europe to warn of impending air attacks. When the thrum of a plane's engines would seep across the horizon, bells would toll, horns would sound, klaxons would blare, alerting whatever citizens were nearby of the approaching bombs. If such a network of alarms were extant around Ireland, and were they repurposed not to alert us to the threat of an approaching bombing raid, but instead to denote that Olly Murs had announced his intent to perform a concert here, then right now, the air would be full of their cries.

All of that is to say - in as convoluted a way as I could contrive in the time I've allotted for this article - that Olly Murs is set to perform in Dublin. The singer, and bearer of one of the most well-maintained quiffs in popular music, has announced that he will play the 3Arena on May 13 2019 and will play Belfast's SSE Arena the following night.


If you would like to attend either of these venues to see Olly Murs do some of his singing and catch sight of that impressively rigid font of hair yourself then you will need to acquire yourself a ticket. If you would like to go through legitimate channels, then you can purchase one through Ticketmaster from 9am Friday 12 October.

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Rory McNab

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