Quiz: How Will You Fare In Our Ultimate Irish Trivia Quiz?

Quiz: How Will You Fare In Our Ultimate Irish Trivia Quiz?

Look, your brains have been bludgeoned into a soft mushy paste from the weeks of balancing your college work and alternately trying to enjoy yourselves in the weekend (read: drinking yourself into an embarrassing stupor) and you're here as you want to test whether there's still even a solitary brain cell still rattling around your poor beleaguered bonce or whether they've all abandoned this sinking ship.

Well, thankfully, we are here to help you test just how much of your intellect has survived the college onslaught by testing your knowledge around a ruthlessly restrictive window of expertise, Irish trivia. Bear in mind though that you may run into the same frustrating problem I did which was that my knowledge of Irish spelling is so paltry that I was unable to get some of the questions that I knew the answers to simply by not being able to spell it in the required Irish (looking very much at you Amhrán na bhFiann) and I ended up just sort of pummeling random consonants on my keyboard hoping to get there by sheer attrition. I didn't, but now, with the fact that I have given it to you above, you can avoid this most tragic of pitfalls.

See what your made of here!


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Rory McNab

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