This Student Smuggling His Dog Back To College Is All Of Us

This Student Smuggling His Dog Back To College Is All Of Us

We've all been there: we go back home for the holidays and there's our family dog, looking at us longingly, just asking us to take them with us. Well, some student actually took it to another level and went fuck it, I'ma take what's mine.

What happened next is hilarious.

Sean took his family dog William Wallace III (Willy for short) from his home in Oregon. The Oregon State University student tweeted the entire incident and people were glued to their phones, hoping desperately that Willy could stay with his rightful owner:

Sadly his mum wasn't have a bar of it and demanded Willy come home immediately. Sounds like someone wasn't being a very attentive pet owner... mmmmm.

Willy had to be returned:


Damnit. One day, one day -shakes fist-

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