Listen: This New Enrique Iglesias Song Is Being Tipped As The Next 'Despacito'

Listen: This New Enrique Iglesias Song Is Being Tipped As The Next 'Despacito'

The 'Despacito' song has taken over the world. From dairy farmers to shop assistants, once 'Despacito' comes on the radio everyone loses it and there are no signs of 'Despacito' madness stopping anytime soon.

Now, famed Latin singer Enrique Iglesias,  who can actually sing español Justin Bieber stans, has remixed his hit song 'Subeme La Radio' with rapper Sean Paul and last years X Factor winner Matt Terry. The songs Latin version already has nearly 300 million listens on Spotify, went straight to no.1 in his homeland of Spain,  went 4x platinum in America, and has been covered by Conor Maynard in the UK.

'Subeme La Radio' and 'Despacito' may sound similar but both songs were released weeks apart at the beginning of 2017. Although 'Subeme La Radio' is not immediately as catchy as the 'Despacito' remix with JB, we feel like this Enrique number will definitely be a big hit in Europe and is already rising on the charts. As one Youtuber rightly pointed out, there are four big languages in the world: English, French, Spanish and Sean Paul.

The song has caused a bit of a stir on Twitter with fans of the song reacting to its similarity to 'Despacito':




The song will enter the UK and Irish charts this weekend and is available to stream on Spotify and download from the iTunes and Google Play Store.

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