A List Of 7 Counties With The Thickest Irish Accents We Could Find

A List Of 7 Counties With The Thickest Irish Accents We Could Find

As comedian Tommy Tiernan once said, for an island so small we have very diverse accents. In that spirit we at College Times have cobbled together a selection of videos featuring thickest Irish accents we could find. For added entertainment enable subtitles.


Genuinely one of my favourite videos on the internet. Quare good.


Don't know how long I'd stick a conversation with this lad.



This is just gibberish. Drink may have been taken.

In a word, nasal.



This lad is taking the piss.

People with thick accents are always 'characters' aren't they? I could've dedicated an entire post to Kerry, truth be told. The Kerry accent is the Jazz music of accents.




The guy in the hat sounds like Jon Kenny's character in Father Ted.


Big bad Gerry Drumm is not a man I'd like to be taking directions from. Or doing anything else with for that matter.



League of Ireland fan... a national treasure. It's actually a good point though.

Aside from the accents, this video is also hilarious.

To be fair, Dublin could've had an article to themselves as well. Versatile are a Dublin rap outfit and their northside accent is as thick as the come. They have some fairly catchy tunes to boot.

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