Tom Cruise’s Private Jet Lands Outside Killarney

Tom Cruise’s Private Jet Lands Outside Killarney

It looks like the Mission Impossible and Top Gun actor has arrived in Killarney today after a tweet from a flight tracker that specialises in celebrity jets tweeted out the information.

Cruise had been in the Lake District in England over the weekend, filming ahead of the upcoming Mission Impossible 8. It was then rumoured than Tom Cruise had flown into Shannon Airport on Monday and that seems to be confirmed now after he took the short, 12-minute flight from Shannon to Killarney.


It’s not the first time that the Hollywood A-lister has visited Kerry and back in 1991, a visit to a local pub ended in drama.
Cruise and his co-star from ‘Far and Away’ Nicole Kidman, visited a pub, but afterwards, it was rumoured than an elderly local man had an altercation with the actor.

After ordering a couple of drinks, it was reported that Cruise had stolen cigarettes from behind the bar which didn’t go down well with the elderly gentleman. The man took his walking stick and swung it towards Cruise, narrowly missing his hand.
So, what Tom Cruise is doing in Ireland is yet to be known, but he follows a long line of celebrities who have visited the Emerald Isle in recent years.

We all remember the famous Matt Damon and the Supervalu bag picture from during lockdown and last month Harry Styles was pictured at the Vico Baths.

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